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A friendly, positive relationship with your family dentist encourages your child to protect and take care of their oral health for years to come. At Ace Dental Specialties in Fullerton, California, the skilled team of dental professionals strive to provide exceptional pediatric care in a safe, comfortable environment. Schedule a visit with the team by calling Ace Dental Specialties or by booking an appointment online today.

Pedodontics Q&A

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is a branch in the dental community that specifically treats infants, children, and adolescents. If a dentist specializes in pediatric dentistry, they have special training to work with children of all ages, even those with dental phobias.

Why would my child need pediatric dentistry?

The friendly staff at Ace Dental Specialties takes extra care to make sure children feel comfortable and safe in the dentist’s chair. Many young children experience anxiety over visiting the dentist. Some even struggle to sit still through routine cleanings, which can jeopardize their oral health.

To make sure their pediatric patients feel relaxed at every appointment, Ace Dental Specialties has televisions above the dental chairs for children to enjoy. They also offer pediatric sedation to help children feel calm and more relaxed during their visit. 

Which services do pediatric dentists offer?

Ace Dental Specialties offers a variety of services for pediatric patients, including:


Your child typically needs a dental checkup at least once every six months to protect their oral health. During this bi-annual exam, the team takes X-rays, evaluates their bite, performs a teeth cleaning, and prepares for orthodontic therapy if needed.


An X-ray gives your child’s dentist a clear view of the structures that can’t be seen with the naked eye, including their jawbone and the interior of their gums and teeth.


A filling is a dental treatment that restores a tooth to its natural size and shape after it’s been damaged by tooth decay (cavities). Ace Dental Specialties offers white fillings, which look more natural than silver fillings and require the team to remove less of the natural tooth structure.


A sealant protects a tooth from plaque and bacteria if the team determines that it’s especially susceptible to cavities.

Teeth cleaning

During a teeth cleaning, the team removes plaque, bacteria, and debris from your child’s teeth to protect their oral health. Ace Dental Specialties typically performs teeth cleanings during your child’s bi-annual checkup.

The right dental team can help your child build a healthy, positive relationship with the dentist. To schedule an appointment with Ace Dental Specialties, call or book online now.

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